Brooklyn Pipe 1/2 Inch Pipe Cap Octagon for Shelving Furniture and DIY Pipe Decor Projects | Threaded Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings, 10 Pack

Brooklyn Pipe

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Brooklyn Pipe Caps
Caps are the final piece of your DIY pipe project, and the most visible. Unlike much of the competition, you won’t see the word CHINA stamped on ANY Brooklyn Pipe fitting.

Size Matters
Most caps look the same at first glance but pay attention to the dimensions and the weight. Our pipe caps weigh in at 1.94 oz compared to many competitors who sell 1.05 oz caps. Brooklyn Pipe caps are 58% bigger and will be the perfect finishing touch to your project.

Whether they know it or not, we order products from our competitors all the time. While they use paper envelopes, we package all our products in boxes so when they arrive, they’re in the same condition that they left the factory in.

We are a small business in the United States. and provide the best service in the industry. We are always available to help, whether there’s an issue with an order, or if you want to talk about your project.


Iron pipe fittings are made of cast iron and will rust very quickly if not properly sealed. We’ve put together a few tips on how to best prepare your fittings to avoid this from happening. A quick wipe down with a rag with acetone, mineral spirits or other solvent will do the trick. This optional step will remove the thin layer of machine oil needed to ensure you receive your fittings in pristine condition. If you’re going to paint your fittings we highly recommend cleaning them so they will more readily accept paint. We prefer the traditional industrial grey finish and we've found that finishing paste wax keeps the grey look without adding any shine to the fitting.