Brooklyn Pipe Vintage Finish | 1/2"x 10", 10 Pack

Brooklyn Pipe

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Brooklyn Pipe Vintage Finish
Every DIY project is different so we’re excited to introduce the Brooklyn Vintage Collection . These pipes are just like old school black pipe you find at your local hardware or plumbing supply company. Featuring a deep gray/black color and a smooth surface, the Vintage Collection from Brooklyn Pipe has a great industrial look and fee. Finished with an extra light coat of oil which ensures that your pipes will arrive rust free.

Cleaning & Sealing
We get asked all the time if it’s necessary to seal our products. While we do recommend sealing in most cases, a general rule of thumb is if you are placing your project in a room that has high levels of humidity (bathrooms, kitchens), you’re going to want to seal them. It only takes a few minutes but will ensure your pipe projects last years to come.
Step 1: Remove the thin layer of oil by wiping down the pipe with a rag with acetone, mineral spirits or other solvent will do the trick. You can even use a dry paper towel or rag, you don’t need to be perfect here.
Step 2: Seal your fittings with either paste finishing wax (our favorite) or polyurethane. These 2 sealants will provide all the corrosion protection you need while maintaining the look and feel of the industrial pipe.
Step 3: Start building your project!